The Codella Family Blog is the online home for the Peter and Madeline Codella family.

Our family was established in 1968 when Peter Joseph Codella and Madeline Jensen entered into the bonds of holy matrimony. And we’re sure glad they did.

The two boys and their families live in South Jordan, Utah, Angie’s family’s in Hyde Park, Vermont, and Pete and Madeline are enjoying their ‘retirement home’ in New Harmony, Utah.

Pete and Madeline Codella family

The Peter and Madeline Codella family in August 2014.

Our family includes:

Peter and Madeline
New Harmony, Utah

Peter the younger (Pete II) and his wife, Vickey, and their two kids: Eliana and Dominic
South Jordan, Utah

Angie and Vinny and their two boys: Vance and Marcus
Hyde Park, Vermont

Brian and Melissa and their four boys: Carter, Luke, AJ and Nick (the CLAN)
South Jordan, Utah

On Codella.family we’ll include links to family members’ blogs as well as post family updates and photos.

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